Why Should You Choose The DJ Guy?

With over 22 years of experience, multiple awards and a 89% referral average, I believe that we can exceed your expectations. There are a lot of DJs to choose from these days. Many are young kids with no experience, poor equipment and no skill. You can tell the amateurs from the professionals by price. If someone is willing to do a six hour wedding for less than $100 an hour, you've probably got the wrong DJ. There are a lot of costs that a professional has to cover that amateurs don't care about (insurance, reliable transportation, legal purchase of music, equipment and upgrades).

There are plenty of amateurs that are willing to offer "great deals" but you get what you pay for. When you hire The DJ Guy, you get over 22 years of experience, not someone who was hired 2 months ago and has no idea what they're doing. In addition, the equipment is use is the absolute best. When you hire a company with multiple DJs, you never know what gear that particular DJ is using and it may not match your expectations.

We've done hundreds of weddings and we anticipate your needs, keeping everything flowing smoothly at your pace. We do much more than "just play the music". Many times our clients never know what could have gone wrong, but didn't, because we were there to save the day before things could go sideways.

Modern Bride had a poll back in 2009 and asked wedding guests what they remember at a wedding. The number one thing people remember at a wedding is the entertainment! Second thing they remember is the wedding dress! Third, the food/venue, and fourth is the flowers and decor.

Many couples will have money “leftover” or too small of a budget for the wedding entertainment. In fact, most couples budget about $500 for a DJ! This is NOT enough money for a professional and reputable DJ! If entertainment is the number one thing that is remembered at your wedding, set aside anywhere from $800 to $2500 for your DJ/entertainment services.


I promise that you'll NEVER say that if you hire The DJ Guy!


We offer many additional services that no one else has! ceremony services, photo booth, slide show presentation, monogram projection and up lighting are just some of the many additional services we can offer you.

Our music catalog consists of nearly 200,000 songs, in addition to the 26 million we have access to on iTunes and Amazon. You get our entire collection of music - every time! No need to pay extra for a bigger catalog like some other DJs make you do.

As professionals, we subscribe to services specifically for DJs that provide us with "radio friendly" versions of the Billboard Top 100 - EVERY WEEK - so we ALWAYS have "that song you heard on the radio"


Our references are real and offer a good insight as to what other clients thought of our services in the past. Each one is scanned and posted on our feedback page. We offer all of our wedding clients the opportunity to meet in person so you can see who you are hiring!


"DJs are too expensive, we're just going to use our ipod"
There are many ways to cut costs
on your reception, entertaining your
guests should not be one of them.

iPods are great, but an iPod doesn't have the professional experience of a good DJ (sorry Siri). It certainly will not make announcements or do your introductions. And, unless you've got two of them with the same music you can't smoothly transition from song to song.


Back in 1995, I thought I had a great idea to save money on my reception and that by programming a CD player with all kinds of music, I could eliminate the need for a DJ.

First, I found out how hard it is to time certain types of music to key events in the reception. Then I found out that you can't just hit shuffle with a bunch of songs and hope for the best. I watched as most of my friends and family started leaving shortly after dinner. I learned the hard way back then and I've made my mission to not let this happen to anyone else. Don't let this happen to you - hire a professional!


Trust me, without the experience, the vast variety of music and the skills to smoothly navigate any event, it just doesn't work. Why chance such an important night in your lives just to save a little money. If you've made it this far, you've already made a money saving decision by not booking a costly band.

Entertaining your guests is not something you should
have to be concerned with on your wedding day. It's also
the NUMBER ONE thing that guests will remember about your wedding reception.

A good DJ can read the crowd, figure out what type of music they like and keep them dancing and having a great time all evening. The DJ Guy has a huge variety of music to choose from (Nearly 100,000 songs and growing!) and is capable of pleasing both older and younger generations with hits from the 1940s all the way up to songs that haven't even hit the airwaves yet!

Call us today to setup an appointment, you won't be disappointed!