How to book your event...


Booking your event with The DJ Guy is very simple...


When you are ready to book, just let me know. 

I'll need some information so that I can put a contract together and email it to you... While I may already have some of these details, chances are, I'm missing a few things. I don't ask these question when people inquire about my services as it isn't necessary for a quote and most people don't want to give out any more information than they need to. These are all things that I need to add to the contract to make it a binding agreement. Click the link below to let me know you're ready to book.


Once I have received your your email, I will send over a short list of the details I need for the contract. After receiving that, I will send a link to the contract by email and you can sign right from your phone or computer. You will always have access to your contract inside your client portal area. The client portal link and login password will also be emailed to you. Inside the client portal, you will make your deposit payment and your event will then be considered booked.

You can also create timelines, fill in the details for your reception in the wedding planner, select music for your event and make payments.          

If you should have any questions, please let me know!  I'd be happy to help you out with any of your planning needs. My email is right below 🡇 

Got Questions? Just ask: or 517-404-0418